7 Most Unexpected Ways Movies Had An Impact On Real Life

6. Jaws Changes Summer Forever And Scares People Off The Beach

Jaws 592x299 For film fans worldwide, Summer is like Christmas. It's the time of year when the biggest, loudest and most spectacular blockbusters are released, with four sequels following each consequent Summer. But if you went to the movies during the summer in the late 60s and early 70s, the only films you were going to see were probably the lousiest and cheapest pictures every studio had to offer that year. -->

This all changed during the Summer of 1975, when a young Steven Spielberg released Jaws and it became a massive box office hit. Suddenly, every studio in Hollywood wanted to mimic that film's success, which is why they began to program their high concept million dollar extravaganzas around Summertime. As if that were not impressive enough, between June and September of 1975 one of the highest movie attendances in History was recorded, which coincided with a dramatic decline in beach attendance in the United States.

So next time you're wondering why people rather sit in a dark, crowded room instead of frolicking on a beach during the most beautiful time of the year, you know it's all because of a shark.



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