7 Movie Plot Holes No One Ever Talks About

Why does no one discuss the glaring problem with Harry Potter?

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Some movies have obvious and gaping plot holes. Then there are movies that have plot holes that you’ve probably never even noticed, like why didn’t Kevin McCallister just call the police? Why didn’t his mom just call the house? Why did the adults let Fuller have Pepsi right before bed, knowing he’d do an impression of a lawn sprinkler?

So many questions, so few answers.

Here are a few more you’ve probably never even thought of...

7. It Can't Rain All The Time - The Crow

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The Crow is the story of rocker Eric Draven and his fiancée, Shelly Webster being murdered violently on Devil’s night, the day before their wedding. A year later, he comes back from the dead, and kills the people who killed him. Fairly straightforward, and an instant classic, matched only by Citizen Kane as one of the best movies ever made.

That doesn’t, however, mean it didn’t have one glaring plot hole. When Eric comes back from the dead, he rescues a young girl from getting run over in the streets. It just so happens this young girl is his old friend, Sarah. During the exchange, he doesn’t let her see his face, causing her a mild agitation. When she complains about the constant rain, he quotes one of his songs saying, “It can’t rain all the time.”

Instead of assuming that this complete stranger was likely just one of Eric’s fans, she immediately believes he’s back from the dead.

it can't rain all the time the crow

But that’s not the only time this happens. When escaping from the pawn shop, he meets Officer Albrecht, the very same officer who investigated Eric’s murder. The conversation leads to talks of Shelly and Eric's deaths, so later Albrecht takes an old band photo of Eric, draws a scribbled couple of lines, and decides “Yep, that is most assuredly the guy who died a year ago that I saw at the pawn shop.” Albrecht didn’t know Eric personally, so he couldn’t have used an excuse like “Well he recognized his voice, maybe.” Instead, this former police detective immediately jumped to resurrection.

More likely options would be:

1. Eric had a twin brother with a flair for the dramatic, who came to town to get revenge for his brother’s murder.

2. One of Eric’s band members did it, seeking revenge for his fallen band mate.

3. One of Eric’s fans did it, seeking revenge for his favorite singer.

But no, everyone simply assumes he’s back. In fact the only person who reacts to this news properly is T-bird. T-bird was the leader of the gang that killed Eric and Shelly to begin with, at the behest of Top Dollar. When Eric knocks off the other embers of the gang, no one says anything about him being there, but when he goes after T-bird, the gangster recognizes him, and says, “I know you. But you cant be you, you died. This is the really real world, you don’t come back in the really real world!” he has a full on meltdown before dying in a blaze of glory.

the crow dies

The funny thing about that is, in the TV series, The Crow: Stairway to Heaven, they actually close that plot hole. At first, Albrecht doesn’t believe that the guy he's caught is really is Eric. When he finally is convinced, he believes that Eric never actually died, and instead faked his death, and had been on the lam for a year. He immediately takes Eric into custody for questioning, believing he had something to do with Shelly’s death. The show had its faults, but it did shore up that hole quite nicely.


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