7 Movie Spinoffs That Were Better Than The Original

7. Get Him To The Greek

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People tend to forget that Get Him to the Greek is actually a spinoff of Forgetting Sarah Marshall, and while it doesn't completely blow the original out of the water, it's a much more entertaining ride because it took the best character from that first film, and made him the central focus of the spinoff.

Get Him to the Greek follows wild British rock star Aldous Snow (Russell Brand, basically playing himself) whose declining career forces him to perform a comeback concert at the Greek Theatre. The movie is a kind of buddy-comedy with Brand and Jonah Hill trying to reach their destination in one piece, and because their chemistry is off the charts, the whole thing just works beautifully.

Brand also played Aldous in Forgetting Sarah Marshall, a small role that was easily the highlight of that particular film. While it could have been a mistake to then give the character the spotlight here (in the same way that making the Minions the focal point of their own movie didn't really work) Brand's eccentricity never becomes completely overbearing because of Hill's everyman relatability balancing everything out.

The result is a pretty raunchy and wacky comedy - peppered with a few surprisingly touching moments, as well as a funny commentary on the music biz - and one that excels because of the strength of its two lead performances.

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