7 Movies That May Just Have Predicted The Future of Humanity

Minority Report Many times it's funny to look back at older fiction and see the crazy predictions they made for the future.... Lost In Space for instance - which takes place in 1997 - features attempts to colonize deep space. But what's even crazier is when they made predictions and were right! Works such as Ender's Game, which has soldiers training for combat with video games; Star Trek, which had cell phones and video conferencing; or even Jurassic Park, which featured humans cloning animals that were long dead. But what about future generations? What movies will they look back on and marvel at, amazed at how well the future was predicted in them?

7. Robot & Frank

robot and frankWhat It Is: A small budget comedy/drama, set in the near future. It follows a man known simply as Frank, and the difficulties he's having in advancing years. He's losing his memory and mental function. Concerned about not being able to care for his father and his own family, Frank's son Hunter purchases a home health aide robot, who will clean the house, cook the food, and even provide some conversation for Frank. How It May Have Predicted the Future: The movie itself tells us. During the closing credits we're shown footage of many robots in development, being designed to help in the exact way the film showed us. In fact, the robot in the movie is based off an existing and functional robot known as ASIMO. ASIMO is capable of recognizing different people and addressing them by name, in addition to many other abilities. Though fluid conversation isn't done yet, they may very well be able to do that soon.
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