7 Movies That Scared You Away From Ever Taking Public Transport Again

Perhaps you'd be better off walking...

Public transport is a reluctant necessity for most of us. It's a dull, dreary, forgettable everyday experience for thousands of commuters all over the world, whose minds are clouded with a thousand other thoughts about anything other than the journey they're taking. When it comes to the movies though, commuting can look a little different. Public transport has a natural gravitational pull for the movies, given how it sandwiches a bunch of strangers together in an enclosed space. All that's missing is for some sort of disaster to strike and BAM! - you've got yourself a Hollywood thriller screenplay. There have been some distinctly memorable individual scenes on public transport in film; from the rapid subway fight scenes in The Matrix, all the way back to where two strangers met on a train in Hitchcock's classic from 1951. There have even been some movies which have completely centered themselves on modes of commuting, such as Luc Besson's bizarre eighties flick Subway, and the animated Christmas train adventure Polar Express. The following movies not only zoned in on a particular form of public transport, but depicted these commutes in such a way that they were enough to scare viewers away from them forever. After seeing all these films, chances are that you'll be doing a lot more walking from here on in...
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