7 Movies That Scared You Away From Ever Taking Public Transport Again

7. Bus - Speed (1994)

In today's day and age where the threat of terrorism continues to loom large, it might be difficult to pass off the premise of a bus bomb as a successful blockbuster movie. But back in 1994, a film called Speed did just that - telling the tale of a city bus rigged with explosives which will detonate if the vehicle's speed drops below 50 miles per hour - and actually became one of the most famous action thrillers in Hollywood history. The quintessential Hollywood popcorn film, Speed superbly ratchets up the tension to earn its place among the great action flicks of the nineties, hurtling youthful leads Keanu Reeves and Sandra Bullock into the limelight in the process. Reeves plays officer Jack Traven, the would-be hero who's forced to board the bomb-rigged bus in order to save it from exploding. Bullock's Annie Porter is a startled passenger who ends up giving him a helping hand, with legend Dennis Hopper in role as the movie's clever antagonist. For the more superstitious viewers, it might have seemed a little nerve-wracking stepping on to a city bus after seeing Speed. The notion of a bomb-rigged bus is unlikely yes, but the way in which Speed lures in the viewer and mercilessly propels the story forward makes it an unforgettable watch, and undoubtedly will have created a few hesitating passengers all over America when real-life buses hissed to a stop at stations.
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