7 Obvious Spoilers You Missed At The Start Of Movies

How on Earth did these pass you by?

Total Recall Movie Spoilers
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Everybody has that one friend who can't hold their own water when it comes to movies, a blabbermouth who gives away almost every twist, character death and ending before you've had the chance to see them for yourself.

It's only natural to want to punch their lights out sometimes, but you should cut them some slack because there are films out there that do a perfectly good job of spoiling their surprises without the help of those prone to cinematic faux pas.

Filmmakers have been using foreshadowing for generations, but the key to wielding it correctly is subtlety. When a director drops in a nuanced clue here and there, the film's big twist can have an even bigger impact, leaving the audience overcome with a collective sense of 'why didn't I think of that?'

But just as often directors treat foreshadowing as an opportunity to drop in a massive spoiler at the beginning of the movie. Occasionally these go unnoticed and simply pass under the radar, but when they're flagged up in hindsight, the urge to kick yourself for missing them is simply unbearable.

7. Shutter Island: Chuck Struggles With His Gun

Total Recall Movie Spoilers
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Shutter Island cleverly pulls the viewer into the illusion that Leonardo DiCaprio's Teddy is a US Marshall sent to the titular facility to investigate a missing persons case. He is, of course, a patient at the hospital, and his 'partner' Chuck (Mark Ruffalo) turns out to be his doctor, guiding him through a role-playing exercise as part of his treatment.

Jaws hit the floor when this twist revealed itself, but those who were paying close attention from the start should have realised that Chuck is no lawman.

During the scene where the pair first arrive on the island, they're asked to turn in their firearms. Chuck struggles to remove his revolver from its holster and Teddy seems to wonder why a federal agent with extenstive weapons training is fumbling around with a gun like a teenage boy trying to unhook a girl's bra for the first time.

This is the kind of task any officer of the law could perform blindfolded. The fact Chuck botched it should have aroused suspicions that the character wasn't all he seemed.

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