7 Plots And Plot Devices That The DCU Needs To Avoid

Resurrection, clones and super-sex. These are the things the DCU needs to leave alone.

As things stand, the DC Universe is a strange unknown. We know which films are going to be released, we know that the Justice League are currently setting up shop to do battle with the Avengers for the world€™s box offices, but we don€™t know what any of those films are going to contain plot-wise. Between now and 2020 we€™re going to see no less than ten films from Warner Bros. and DC. That€™s two films a year, with Gal Godot€™s Wonder Woman, Jason Momoa€™s Aquaman and Ezra Miller€™s big-screen Flash leading the charge in terms of recognisable heroes after Batman and Superman get their capes in a tangle in 2016€™s Dawn of Justice. On top of that we€™re getting the villain-centric Suicide Squad, not to mention Shazam and Cyborg, which should really help DC to distance itself from Marvel Studios. It€™s an exciting time to be a DC fan alright, but there are still a few things that DC needs to avoid when plotting its movies. Certain plot points, characters and happenings that really must avoided if the goal of a DCU is to get a chance to be fully realised. Some would be stumbling blocks, some could be universe killers, but all should be avoided if possible. Here€™s how DC can give itself the best chance of success...

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