7 Recently Confirmed Truths You Didn’t Know About Famous Movies

You can't handle the truth... until now.

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In most cases, movies reveal all of their secrets the first time you sit through them, yet there are times when the fans suspect there was more going on than meets the eye.

These instances are always the subject of heated debate, destined to rage for eternity, or at least until the director or actor involved has the decency to dispel the ambiguity.

A famous example is the Han-Greedo 'who shot first' controversy from Star Wars: A New Hope. No matter how many times they saw the original footage of Solo pulling the trigger, there was a group of fans who flat-out refused to believed the hero just gunned the green-skinned alien down.

In this particular instance, George Lucas addressed the matter by altering the scene for the movie's 1997 re-release to make it abundantly clear Greedo was the aggressor, a move more contentious than Han's trigger-happy antics in the eyes of some.

On other occasions, actors and filmmakers address these controversies, fan theories and inconsistencies head on many years down the line, presenting the movie in question in a whole new light.

7. That Was Peter Parker In The Mask - Iron Man 2

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If you thought Peter Parker's first appearance in the Marvel Cinematic Universe came in Captain America: Civil War, you'd be bang wrong.

A pint-sized version of the future Spider-Man cropped up in 2010's Iron Man 2, except nobody knew it at the time, bar a few astute internet theorists.

Remember that scene where it all goes off at the expo and Tony Stark saves that kid in the Iron Man mask from one of Hammer's crazed mechs? Seven years later, that has been confirmed as Spider-Man.

Tom Holland, who plays Peter in the MCU, dropped the bombshell around the time of Spider-Man: Homecoming's release, confirming a prior connection to Iron Man.

Whether this was always intended to be Parker is debatable, but it is rather convenient, and helps explain why Spidey is so in awe of Iron Man in the latest films.

If you saw somebody save the day in spectacular fashion when you were at such an impressionable age, wouldn't you want to be just like them?

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