7 Star Wars Fan Theories We Wish Were True

Luke Skywalker built his lightsaber from Obi-Wan's belongings, but was the crystal Qui-Gon's?

Qui Gon Luke Skywalker Lightsaber

It's only natural that a franchise as wide and expansive and as popular as Star Wars would encourage speculation and fan theories among fans.

The fandom's love for theories and speculation went into overdrive during the Sequel Trilogy, which led to all kinds of notorious and frankly ridiculous ramblings about how Snoke was secretly Mace Windu or that Rey was somehow a Palpatine (...wait), and a whole lot of tears when Reddit posts didn't materialise into canon during The Last Jedi. (Which... I'm not even going to go there, but come on, odds are your Snoke theory really did suck.)

But, once you wade through the unimaginative or frankly ridiculous theories - no matter how humorously intended (Darth Jar Jar, anyone?) - it's easy to see how others could actually lend themselves well to the canon and enrich the saga.

They're not exactly common, but if you fancy head-canon-ing something for your own enjoyment, you could absolutely do a lot worse than some of the following theories.

The wider Star Wars canon has already done a great job of answering a lot of the saga's most speculated upon elements, which leaves avenues for theorising less roomy than before. Even so, there are still plenty of theories out there that make a whole lot of sense, and it's easy to see how they could fit into the wider Star Wars timeline.

7. The Reason Why Yellow And Purple Lightsabers Are So Rare

Qui Gon Luke Skywalker Lightsaber
Lucasfilm / Magali Villeneuve

Some of the biggest questions in Star Wars revolve around lightsabers. Whether it's the making of them or why they emit the colours they do, creators involved in both Legends and the current canon have endeavoured to explore the ins and outs of the ancient Jedi weapon and what makes them tick.

Almost seven years into the new Star Wars continuity and the mysteries of the lightsaber have been all but explored, but several questions still remain. One of the biggest to emerge recently is why yellow and purple lightsabers are so rare during the Skywalker Saga, but prevalent during the High Republic, which starts about 200 years before the events of The Phantom Menace.

Only a few characters have wielded yellow and purple sabers from Episode I onwards, with Mace Windu the sole figure to have an amethyst blade. We do know, however, that kyber crystals are colourless until they attune to their owner's spirit, so a lightsaber is literally a reflection of what kind of Jedi you are.

Star Wars The High Republic
Del Rey

The High Republic has touched upon how yellow lightsabers are synonymous with the Jedi's beginnings, so the operating assumption currently is that it disappeared largely because the Order had lost its way by the time of the prequels, leaving only the ceremonial blades that are stored at the Temple and passed down to the guards with each generation.

While that still doesn't necessarily explain amethyst lightsabers, Reddit user Serenity_B pointed towards the Legends novel Shatterpoint starring Mace Windu as offering a solid basis to surmise what traits bring out purple crystals:

"Purple is as unique to Mace Windu as his ability to channel the darkness without being tainted by it in service to the light. In Shatterpoint, Windu's style was described as falling into the joy and exhilaration of battle, creating a super conductive loop that reflected the darkness of his opponents. The purple of his blade may very well have been a reflection of his harnessing of darkness mixed with his righteousness of the Jedi way."

It's long been theorised that amethyst blades signify a Jedi more willing to broach the dark side of the Force, but for now, the reasons for the colour's scarcity remain a mystery.

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