7 Star Wars Fan Theories We Wish Were True

6. Thrawn And Ezra Accidentally Unleash The Galaxy's Next Big Threat

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Ahsoka Tano's appearance in The Mandalorian made for an all-timer of a Star Wars moment, but she brought with her a lot of questions that Star Wars Rebels fans in particular are desperate to know the answers to.

(There will be some MAJOR spoilers ahead for Star Wars Rebels here too, by the way, so best skip to the next entry if you don't want to know how that series ends.)

At the end of Rebels, Ezra Bridger summons the purrgil to take Grand Admiral Thrawn away from Lothal. The purrgil travel along and create their own hyperspace lanes across the galaxy, and the last time we see Ezra and Thrawn it's when they're being sucked into hyperspace together.

Rebels' epilogue picks up with Sabine Wren and Ahsoka as they embark on their search to find Ezra, shortly after Return of the Jedi, but the latter is still clearly searching for the Admiral by the time of The Mandalorian, which takes place five years later.

Yuuzhan Vong

This leaves A LOT of space left to cover, especially with Ezra and Thrawn travelling so deep into the unknown reaches of the galaxy, which is where some of Star Wars' most terrifying threats lie in wait.

Timothy Zahn's Thrawn books show that the character only joins the Empire as he sees them as the only other viable force capable of helping the Chiss defeat the Grysk, a species similar to Legends' Yuuzhan Vong. Might it be possible the two unwittingly provide the route for the Grysk to mount an actual invasion of the galaxy, and that's what the Mandalorian spin-offs eventually crossover into?

It seems doubtful, as it looks as though the TV shows look set to bridge the gap between the Original Trilogy and the sequels, but a new threat in Star Wars would be great to see.

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