7 True Stories Behind The Conjuring Movies

The shocking histories of the horror movie franchise...

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One of the most successful horror franchises of the 21st century, James Wan's Conjuring films come with enough scares to make you keep one eye open at night.

Beginning back in 2013 with the the first release, in which paranormal investigators and medium Ed and Lorraine Warren are called to their first investigation, it has gone on to become a sprawling shared universe. And we all know how Hollywood loves an opportunity for sequels and spin-offs.

Over the years, Wan's movies have included a variety of spirits and demons from nuns to dolls and crooked men climbing out of music boxes. And shockingly, the basis of the films were accounts of the couples' supposedly real-life encounters.

But how many of these events were within the history books before the franchise began? Here are the ones that allegedly really happened...

7. The Conjuring 3: The Devil Made Me Do It

The Nun
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The Movie:

Although limited information is yet to be released about the latest movie within the franchise, the narrative will follow much like the original films. It will be focusing on one of the investigations the real paranormal investigators Ed and Lorraine Warren went on.

The film was officially announced back in 2017, with a release now coming in September 2020.

The True Story:

The film has been confirmed to follow a murder case of 1981 in which Arne Cheyenne Johnson pleaded guilty to brutally killing Alan Bono claiming that "the Devil made me do it", hence the title of the anticipated sequel.

This story became so famous because of the motif and the evidence Ed and Lorraine provided when experiencing this for themselves. Lorraine claimed Johnson's younger brother was possessed by at least 43 different demons after the family called upon the couple to help him.

Soon after, the spirits shifted towards the elder brother after he taunted them to join with his body instead. Ed and Lorraine warned the family that something worse was to come.

Not long after, Johnson murdered Bono and he was arrested.


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