7 True Stories Behind The Conjuring Movies

6. The Nun

Warner Bros.

The Movie:

When The Nun hit cinemas 2018 the box office reviews did not reflect well for this prequel. Fans of the franchise first saw The Nun appear in The Conjuring 2 as Lorraine saw visions of the demon around the house and sought to destroy it by speaking its name: Valak.

The film’s narrative follows a priest and a noviciate as they investigate the strange goings on of a Romanian Vatican after a young nun kills herself. They soon realise that a demon nun lives within the holy building and seek the blood of Christ to rid it.

The True Story:

The true story of The Nun is much less of an interaction to what audiences saw in the films.

Lorraine did bear witness to a spirit in her own household that resembled a nun-like figure, with a hooded black cloak and white face. The couple also took part in an investigation that led them to an English church, in which a nun who was buried in the walls was said to be haunting the building.

Meanwhile, the name Valak has appeared in many historical texts, with the earliest appearance in The Lesser Key of Solomon book from the 17th Century. Although in this version, it is described as a 'he' who appears 'riding on a two-headed dragon', not so much as scary of an apparition audiences bear witness to in these films.


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