7 Underrated Movies From MCU Directors

From Favreau to Waititi, these movies did not get the recognition they deserved.

Hunt For The Wilderpeople
The Orchard

The MCU has become the biggest film franchise of all time, spanning 23 movies over thirteen years. It has brought A-list actors to some fans' favourite comic book roles, but it has also brought some incredible directors to the public's attention.

Because of the MCU's popularity, many of the directors who have helmed these projects are now predominantly known for their Marvel films. With their huge budgets and astonishing special effects, it is very easy for these films to hog the limelight on the director's filmography.

However, Marvel do not just cherry pick random directors for their movies. Some of these directors have amazing movies hidden away in their previous work that many fans have not heard of. These films are cinematic treats that the directors have done incredible jobs with but the box office and audiences did not fully appreciate their work.

These movies deserved far more attention than they received, from the stories to the casting but predominantly the leadership. In short, these directors should not just be known for their MCU box office hits. They should have these lesser-known titles in the spotlight too.

7. Jon Watts - Cop Car

Hunt For The Wilderpeople
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Jon Watts is the brilliant director behind Spider-Man: Homecoming and Far From Home. These Spidey MCU flicks run with a perfect lighthearted tone, bringing humour, teenage awkwardness and brilliant out of the blue twists. He is set to direct the third Spider-Man film, No Way Home.

However, two years before Homecoming, Watts released Cop Car, a wholly different story of grit, blood and hostages. The story follows two teenage boys who find a seemingly abandoned cop car and decide to steal it, unknowing of the hostage in the trunk. The murderous sheriff it belongs to then decides to hunt them down.

Cop Car is the opposite tone of Homecoming, with a dark, villainous protagonist and gory action. What the movie lacks in character development, it more than makes up for with a twisting plot. The movie also plays out in real time, showing how talented Watts is in his storytelling as the audience never wants more. It is clear and precise with a whole load of blood.

The movie bombed at the box office, however received largely positive reviews. Kevin Bacon was praised for his creepy portrayal of the sheriff, but it did not do enough to push this film into popularity.

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