7 Ways 2013's Biggest Movies Should Have Ended

7. World War Z

How It Ended: Realising that the zombie masses are only interested in people who are healthy (for some reason, they actively avoid anyone infected with a terminal disease), Gerry Lane (Brad Pitt) makes his way home to his family, who have taken refuge in Freeport, Nova Scotia, whilst a "vaccine" - created using deadly pathogens - is distributed around the world to deter the undead. We're treated to a glimpse of the human race fighting back, hope somewhat restored, as Gerry laments: "This isn't the end. Not even close. Our war has just begun." How It Should Have Ended: Well, the fact that the movie ends when the story is just getting interesting is rather frustrating. There was a far more interesting version of World War Z in script form that originally saw Gerry heading to Russia, becoming a soldier with an elite squad (fighting zombies in the cold, no less), before we saw him heading home to rescue his wife from the clutches of a sort of prison camp, where she's forced to "sell" herself to get by. Darker and way more interesting? Absolutely. Still, given the plot we were eventually saddled with, we should have found the cure at the movie's mid-point instead, and had the second half of World War Z dedicated to - yep - the resulting war against the undead. To end the movie where the "war has just begun" is an absolute cop-out - the full-on war is the one part of the movie that we all wanted to see! Maybe a sequel is actually necessary?

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