7 Ways The Arrowverse Is Better Than The DCEU

6. Representation

Arroweverse DCEU
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Where many mediums weren't, comics were leading the way in bringing diversity to the stories of the western world. Between DC's powerhouse of Wonder Woman in the forties and Marvel's Luke Cage being the first black superhero to lead his own title in the seventies, it seemed that the two companies would lead the way for representation.

Unfortunately, this hasn't always translated well into their adaptations, and even the comics from both publishers are struggling to be as inclusive for today's readership than all those years ago. While the DCEU may not be leaps and bounds behind the Arrowverse - after all Wonder Woman and (seemingly) Birds of Prey aren't pulling punches - they still have a bit to go to catch up completely.

The Arrowverse is certainly in its heyday for representation, with numerous LGBTQ characters and superheroes, including White Canary, Constantine, and Dreamer, while also boasting a wide cast of racial diversity, from Iris West to Firestorm. In the Arrowverse's current state, it would be hard not to find a character that you could relate and attach yourself to; there's sometimes too many to love.

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