8 Actors Pissed Off By Their Movie Character Deaths

Dying is one thing, but being happy about it? That's something else.

Mark Hamill As Luke Skywalker In The Last Jedi

Movies kill their characters all the time.

There's usually a significance to the death, a little emotional weight or narrative function that explains exactly why it's necessary. Although that's not always enough to keep fans from feeling upset or even betrayed by the passing of a character.

After all, there are characters in movies that we love, or that we've grown up with, and seeing them shuffle off the mortal coil is sometimes more than we can bear.

Then there's those deaths that really stick in your craw: senseless, confusing or just poorly executed goodbyes that get our collective blood boiling over the sheer injustice of it all.

And while we as fans feel this all too keenly, there are times when the actors themselves are none too happy with their character's death, too. Whether they take issue with the death itself, the way it was presented on-screen, or the way it was handled behind the scenes, these people worked hard to bring a character to life only to also have to then bring them to death as well.

8. Jamie Lee Curtis - Laurie Strode (Halloween Resurrection)

Mark Hamill As Luke Skywalker In The Last Jedi
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Halloween is one of horror's most iconic franchises, just as Michael Myers is one of its most terrifying villains.

We saw Laurie Strode finally end her long-time tormentor in Halloween H20, decapitating the horror icon with a fire axe.

Halloween: Resurrection changed all that, though. In fact, it was apparently a paramedic with a crushed larynx that Strode had killed, and the real Myers was still at large and out for blood.

Halloween: Resurrection not only brought Myers back from the dead, though, but it also gave Laurie Strode a remarkably disappointing death.

Talking about Resurrection in the years since, Jamie Lee Curtis has voiced her disdain for the movie and her character's fate, saying:

"Halloween: Resurrection was a joke. Halloween: Resurrection I had to be in because the only way I could have done Halloween H20 was to agree to come back in a next movie, because of the way that [it] ends."

After learning of the plan to rewrite Myers' death, Curtis agreed that she would come back to send her character off properly, but she plainly wasn't happy with the decision.


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