8 Actors Pissed Off By Their Movie Character Deaths

7. Michael Biehn - Corporal Dwayne Hicks (Alien 3)

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In the initial script for Alien 3, Michael Biehn's character Hicks was originally set to become the series' new protagonist, but this was ultimately rejected and entirely rewritten.

The final script instead bumped Hicks from protagonist all the way down to a quick and unceremonious death in the movie's opening scenes, and Biehn wasn't happy.

Biehn has since elaborated, though, and it appears his disappointment wasn't just aimed at the character's death, but the way it was handled by the studio.

According to the actor, he was working on another movie when a producer approached him and jokingly said that they'd just seen him in London. He was told that she had seen his likeness being used for the character on the set of Alien 3. Biehn said:

"So I called my agent up and he called up Fox and said, “You can’t use Michael’s image.” They said, “Okay, we’ll get back to you.” I got a call from David Fincher saying “Please, can we just… We’d really like to use your character.” And first of all I was like, “F**k you for not putting me in the movie.”

In the end, Biehn was paid handsomely for the use of his likeness, and he moved on from the odd experience upset and probably still a little confused.


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