8 Actors Who Played Multiple Roles In The Marvel Cinematic Universe

You may not have noticed these stars pulling double duty...

Bor Finn Cooley Thor Daredevil
Marvel Studios/Fox

Given that the Marvel Cinematic Universe is currently fourteen films, five television series and multiple one-shots deep, it's getting to the point where the studio is running out of fresh faces to cast in their many, many projects.

That's to be expected entirely. There are only so many good actors who are capable of working in such a high-profile environment, and out of that bunch, there are only a handful who would be the right fit for the part, so it's not surprising to learn that a few performers are reused.

But because each film and episode is supposed to exist in one big universe, this can cause some confusion among the audience. Still, these double-appearances are fun to spot, and the MCU, due to the sheer breadth of content it contains, has had no shortage of them over the years.

So, from the Netflix shows to the one-shots and the movies themselves, here are eight actors who've had more than one role in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

8. Enver Gjokaj

Bor Finn Cooley Thor Daredevil
Marvel Studios

First Role: Officer Saunders in The Avengers

Second Role: Daniel Sousa in Agent Carter

Enver Gjokaj first popped up in the MCU during the Battle Of New York in The Avengers, where he's seen informing his fellow officer that, "it's gonna be an hour before they can scramble the National Guard!" only for Cap to land in front of the pair and swiftly take out a handful of Chitauri.

Then, in 2015, Gjokaj landed a recurring role in Marvel's Agent Carter as S.S.R. agent Daniel Sousa. He appeared in the very first episode of the show and was a key player throughout both seasons one and two, before NBC cancelled it due to poor ratings.

On top of that, Gjokaj's role in the Marvel Universe was almost a lot bigger. One of the deleted scenes from The Avengers - titled 'The Cop & The Waitress' - saw his character receive a Chitauri blaster from Captain America, before wandering through the streets of New York and shooting an alien with the weapon.

Since Agent Carter is set in the 1940s, there's absolutely no chance the two characters are connected - it's just a case of Marvel dishing out two different parts to the same guy. And, since Agent Carter is no more, we probably won't be seeing an appearance from Gjokaj anytime soon.


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