8 Actors Who Reprised Their Most Iconic Roles In Music Videos

Matthew McConaughey may have gotten older, but luckily high school girls have stayed the same age...

Dazed And Confused
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It’s always fun to see a recognizable face in a music video, especially when that face belongs to an iconic actor. It’s even more fun when that actor is in character as a beloved idol from a movie or television show. It’s just a part of that whole nostalgia thing.

Not many actors are willing to do that though. Reprising a long-retired character, however famous it may still be, just for a five minute music video? That’s an easy thing for most actors to pass on. But every once in a while, when the stars align just perfectly (and a famous actor is in dire need of a paycheck, probably), we’re lucky enough to get some supremely satisfying cameos.

And the rareness factor just makes it all the more fulfilling.

Be forewarned: If you’re easily susceptible to intense bouts of nostalgia, there’s a solid chance you’ll fall down a YouTube rabbit hole for the rest of the day after watching these music videos.


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