8 Actors Who Reprised Their Most Iconic Roles In Music Videos

8. Sacha Baron Cohen (Madonna - "Music")

The Character: Ali G (from Da Ali G Show)

Sacha Baron Cohen, known around the world as "that guy who dresses up as various stereotypes and tries to make everyone as uncomfortable as possible," first became famous for portraying Ali G, a British hip-hop enthusiast who, like all of Cohen's characters, interviewed unsuspecting people about weird things and then relentlessly mocked them for it. Always a fan of a good mockery, the Queen of Pop decided to recruit Cohen for her music video for the succinctly titled "Music."

This was right after Da Ali G Show had started to take off in the UK, but three whole years before he'd made his way stateside. Which begs the question: Did Madonna actually know about Ali G before he was cool? And if so...how? Was it part of her research for adapting a terrible British accent?

Cohen doesn't get a whole lot to do in the video--he's the limo driver/DJ for a very weird bachelorette party headed by an obviously pregnant cowboy version of Madonna--but there is a wonderful little rap interlude that finds Ali G desperately trying to rhyme "like a virgin" before being shut down by Madonna, WHO SHOULDN'T BE DRINKING ALL OF THAT CHAMPAGNE IN HER PREGNANT STATE.


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