8 Actors Who Should Have Won Oscars (But Never Will)

So close to gold yet so far...

When it comes to film awards, the Oscars are undoubtedly the most prestigious and revered. Every year millions of dollars are spent courting the Academy, putting forth certain films and actors for voting consideration.

It's an accolade that not only recognises the quality of a film (and its cast and crew) but that comes with an immensely powerful marketing boost, rocketing DVD and Blu-ray sales and increasing the overall commercial value of a film. That being said, the Oscars are undeniably influenced by politics, and popularity, and a sort of social Zeitgeist. There's also the fact that a massive percentage of Academy voters are white, male and around sixty years old. For these reasons, the results on Oscars night are often out of step with critical and popular consensus, and every year it feels like an actor was robbed or a film neglected. And with so many brilliant performers out there, it's only natural that there are those who don't win. Nevertheless, an Academy Award is something that many actors and actresses chase their whole career, and there are those who sadly miss their one and only chance of winning.

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