8 Actors Who Turned Down Crazy Money To Appear In Movie Sequels

Which actor turned down a whopping $29 million to star in a comedy sequel?

Most of us would relish the chance to turn down $10 million and not even care, uttering something along the lines of "Oh, well, no bother" whilst sipping on a pina colada. Unfortunately for the majority of people on the planet, though, an opportunity like that is unlikely to come up because nobody is ever going to offer them a payment of $10 million. There is one group of people, however, who are lucky enough - from time to time - to find themselves presented with this delicious scenario. Said group, of course, is made up of actors - those rich, pampered pretenders who spend their days doing things like "getting into character." Actors get paid a lot, you see, and - if one of their movies is deemed successful - it often results in the chance to get paid even more for the inevitable sequel. Whilst most actors will blindly say "Yes" to a sequel on the basis of a very large paycheck, there are some actors who - for a number of reasons - have actually turned down the chance to reprise famous roles in follow-up movies, thus depriving themselves of huge (and often insane) amounts of money in the process. What the hell were they thinking?


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