8 Actors Who Turned Down Crazy Money To Appear In Movie Sequels

5. Jim Carrey Turned Down $10 Million To Star In The Mask 2

Remember The Mask? It was that thoroughly hilarious comedy film from 1994 - based on a comic book, don't you know? - in which a green-faced Jim Carrey whizzed around New York saying things like "Somebody stop me!" Aside from reducing everyone to fits of laughter (c'mon, it was an absolutely hilarious movie!), it also made $351 million at the box office. Naturally, then, New Line Cinema wanted themselves a sequel, so they made a big offer to Jim Carrey to entice him. The offer? $10 million! And what did Jim Carrey do? He turned it down, actually. Why the hell did he do that, you're wondering? Well, it was all to do with the fact that he'd had a bad experience working on another sequel movie, Ace Ventura: Nature Calls, and felt that reprising a character he'd already played gave him no creative challenge. Basically, he felt like The Mask 2 would be boring. to make With that, the project ceased to exist - well, until the Godawful Son Of The Mask in 2005 (in which he did not appear).

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