8 Actors Who Turned Down Crazy Money To Appear In Movie Sequels

6. Bruce Willis Turned Down $3 Million To Star In The Expendables 3 (For Just Four Days Work)

Bruce Willis - you greedy so-and-so! Having starred in the first two Expendables movies, a geriatric fantasy franchise in which former Hollywood action stars pretend they're still relevant, Sylvester Stallone - the man in charge of the series - invited Willis back to feature in the third flick, reprising his role as the character of "Mr. Church." He was only needed for four days of shooting, and yet was still offered the whopping sum of $3 million to appear in the movie. Overpaid, you say? That tidy sum wasn't good enough for Bruce Willis, however, star of Cop Out, Lay The Favourite and Fire With Fire, who demanded a salary of $4 million for four days work. Yes, Willis wanted a fee of $1 million a day for his services as a secondary character that the movie didn't really even need. The studio refused to indulge the star, and so he turned down their initial offer of $3 million and never ended up featuring in the movie. Turning down $3 million for four days? Totally ridiculous. It was already more than he deserved!

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