8 Actors Who Walked Out On Famous Movies

These actors didn't want any part of these movie experiences and exited accordingly.

Adam Driver

The act of gathering inside of a shiny new or gloriously archaic theatre to take in whatever delights are on offer at your local cinema is still an act which is held sacred by many a cinephile. Here, audiences join together to laugh, cry, or shake their heads in disapproval as a spellbinding, complex, or sometimes mind-numbing two-hour or so experience unfolds before their very eyes.

However, as much as some folks would deny it and claim that performing said deed was sheer cinematic blasphemy, not every film committed to the big screen guarantees a fully seated auditorium for its entirety. In fact, some flicks are so darn controversial - or just plan terrible - that mass walkouts have soon stolen the headlines that were once reserved for a promising project.

Among these marchers from the theatre have been some of the very stars projected onto the canvas' contemporaries and colleagues, with a number of well-known actors deciding enough was enough when watching what many would class as "famous features".

From recoiling at the sight/sound of themselves, to classing a bold new vision as simply too much for them, these actors all called it quits before these movies' end credits had even rolled.

8. Kenpachirô Satsuma - Godzilla

Adam Driver
Tristar Pictures

At this point it feels like pretty low hanging fruit to hurl stones at the wholly disappointing attempt to revitalise a beloved big screen lizard that was 1998's Godzilla. But long before the film had gone on to be one of the major duds of its time, a star who actually wasn't attached to the project in any real way foreshadowed the eventual backlash heading its way.

Kenpachirô Satsuma had been invited to Roland Emmerich's disaster of a movie due to his previous work as the titanic reptile, donning the suit of the famous King of the Monsters during a bunch of Toho's Japanese Godzilla movies from 1984 - 1995. With this level of connection to the role, it didn't take long for Satsuma to pick a number of holes in the then-latest depiction of his beloved creature. And in the end, Satsuma thought to hell with it and left the theatre early, claiming, "It’s not Godzilla, it doesn’t have the spirit."

Again, it's not difficult to see where the star was coming from, with Emmerich's Godzilla getting universally panned and being classed as largely forgettable by those fans who rocked up to see their gigantic guy strut his stuff.


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