8 Actors Who Were Sued For Quitting Movies

Imagine getting sued for quitting your job! Hollywood is a strange place.

Old Dogs John Travolta

When looking through the window into the weird world of Hollywood, it's easy to assume that actors have the cushiest lives of all. They get paid millions to ply their trade and are constantly admired by those around them. However, that doesn't mean they're entirely free from landing in hot water.

Everyone who's worked a job they hate can attest to the fact that there are times you just wish you could quit. In most cases, when people finally escape these jobs, it brings a sense of relief and freedom. But, when you're in the movie business, it also comes with a whole host of well-paid lawyers.

Quitting a movie is not as simple as it sounds, as production companies often build their films around the stars in them, and losing them can spell disaster. Thus, it's no surprise that studios often search for some financial insurance when a performer drops out.

The following eight actors all suffered from lawsuits for their attempts to get away from these flicks, proving that when you annoy the wrong people, you can find yourself out of pocket.

8. Dieter Laser - The Human Centipede 3

Old Dogs John Travolta
Six Entertainment

The Human Centipede is the kind of cinematic icon that you're either curiously drawn to or so repulsed by that you avoid it altogether. However, even those on the latter end of that scale can probably still recognize the late great Dieter Laser, who portrayed the infamous Dr Heiter.

His time in the series wasn't a smooth ride, as he and Tom Six (the franchise's creator) found themselves going to court over the third installment. So, what brought this legal dispute about?

Well, things were set to start rolling on HC3, with Laser primed to appear, but he pulled out shortly before production, citing that he wasn't happy with the direction of his character. This caused the film to be delayed, and Tom Six shot back dramatically with a lawsuit.

The clash between them seems pretty easy to understand, as Laser claims the script arrived much later than he expected and that Six was uncooperative with the changes he wanted to make. On the other side was Six stating that Laser's ego had grown too large.

In the end, Laser and Six came together and managed to make the film, so this one ended happily. Who would have thought The Human Centipede would need legal council?


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