8 Actors Who Will Ruin Their Upcoming Movies

Is there anything more short-sighted than Will Smith as Deadshot?

Casting is said to be anything from 30% to 95% of directing, although no matter what the exact number is, one thing is definitely true; it's 100% of being a casting director. Their one job is to aid the director in finding the right people to populate their world. And, looking at some upcoming movies, it seems like some have been slacking off. It may seem a little premature to jump on casting news as the source of a movie's problems - after all, Heath Ledger's Joker got an obscene amount of hate upon first announcement and yet wound up being a career- and genre-defining performance. And while it is true that some of the most "out there" casting choices of recent years have proven to be incredibly astute (who thought Andy off Parks And Recreation would become a viable action hero), there's plenty that look to be hedging bets a little too much. Whether it's because they're just unsuited to the part, or that they bring too much baggage for the film to work, there's plenty of actors who look set to sink their upcoming movies with their presence alone. Here are eight of those stars who the producers should really look into recasting.

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