8 Actors Who Will Ruin Upcoming Films

That accent though.

X Men Sophie Turner
20th Century Fox

No matter how much effort is put into crafting a great story or presenting a terrific cinematic experience, even the most promising film can be decisively derailed by an actor who isn't right for the part, or in the worst case scenario, totally sucks the life out of the movie with their terrible performance.

While bad writing can be masked with fun action and smart writing can make up for sloppy direction, bad acting is especially difficult to forgive because it's so blatantly in the audience's face, intentionally drawing attention to itself. A great performance can make for an unforgettable movie, but a misguided stinker can meanwhile sink the entire ship.

These eight movies are looking sure to be ruined by actors who are wrong for their respective roles, have proven themselves to be questionable in the past, and just straight-up dampen enthusiasm for the end product. Their casting has sent up some major red flags, and so you'd best approach each movie with a healthy set of lowered expectations.

8. Johnny Depp - Fantastic Beasts & Where To Find Them 2

X Men Sophie Turner
Warner Bros.

Warner Bros. clearly intended Fantastic Beasts' big reveal, that Percival Graves (Colin Farrell) was in fact the villainous Gellery Grindelwald (Depp), to be a jaw-dropping, crowd-pleasing moment.

In actual fact, the scene ended up more unintentionally comical than anything, in part due to Depp's ridiculous haircut and hammy mugging, and also the fact that Depp's popularity has waned considerably over the last year in particular.

So, now we're stuck with Depp as the antagonist for probably the next four movies, when many fans would've preferred Farrell to have played Grindelwald instead.

It's already been confirmed that Depp will have a starring role in 2018's sequel, and don't be surprised if he takes his quirky, overacting shtick to unbearable levels. At least we've got about 18 months to prepare ourselves for it.


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