8 Arrogant Movie Stars With Disgracefully Large Egos

Paltrow1 When a movie star is so strongly in the public eye, with their work intensely critiqued and their lives laid bare for all to gawp at, it€™d be expected for the whole of Hollywood to be a gaggle of self important hacks. And while that is the popular view, head into the pages of any movie magazine and you€™ll see all manner of stars demystified as generally nice human beings. Sure, they could be faking, but that makes some of them better actors in real life than they are on screen. Just this morning I wrote about how Joss Whedon has said he doesn€™t consider The Avengers a great movie, but not all filmmakers are as bashful. People are always going to talk themselves up to promote their latest release, but in some cases they go a bit too far, leading us to think they actually, fully believe everything they€™re saying. Here are 8 of those personalities, including actors, directors and one very persistent set-visitor...

Honourable Mention: Tom Cruise Has An Ego, But Is Still Insanely Likable

Cruise By all reckoning Tom Cruise should be painfully unlikable. Aged 51, but still casting himself in big action roles where he€™s completely against the type for no reason other than he still fancies himself a big action star. The whole Katie Holmes fiasco in theory should have buried him, but he€™s still so bloody likable. He may have a questionable reputation with his overt belief in Scientology, yet he comes across as so genuine, sometimes even humble, that stops any distaste from ever festering. Of course, other on this list are likable too (particularly 3, 6 and 7), but few have the natural charisma of Cruise. And some, like the first entry, are a complete vacuum.

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