8 Awesome-Sounding Movies Everyone Got Psyched For (That Never Happened)

justice-league-600x300 (1) Just imagine: a film is announced and it sounds so awesome that time cannot pass fast enough until you see it. You put the (rumoured) release date on your calendar, your heart swelling with anticipation. The months roll by, the synopsis is revealed, casting is announced and a production date is set. Bucking the cynical tradition in filmic circles, this feature sounds better with every bit of information released. The premiere could only be a year away and then, for what we always believe is for a stupid reason, the film dies. Honestly, there is no greater shame in the movie world than an awesome sounding film never getting to see the light of day. The thought of a potentially great cinematic event never being seen brings a figurative tear to my eye, and I'm sure I'm not alone in this. In one way or another, these 8 films sounded great and had the potential to be awesome but unfortunately, it appears that they will never be shown on the silver screen. I for one think that's damn sad, and I hope you do too. Click below to begin the count-down...

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