8 Awesome-Sounding Movies Everyone Got Psyched For (That Never Happened)

8. The Vega Brothers

vega brothers Vic Vega is my favourite character from Reservoir Dogs€“ his cool nature, punctuated with moments of ear-slashing madness made the film what it is, and the role was brilliantly played by Michael Madsen. John Travolta's career had stalled by the time he played Vincent Vega in Pulp Fiction, but a great performance and an Oscar nomination later, he was back on the A-list. A Vega Brothers films would have seen these two universes unite, providing us with the tantalising prospect of the first ever Tarantino-verse crossover. The director reportedly had the idea for the spin-off/prequel before the making of Inglourious Basterds €“ contrary to those who felt it would be called The Vega Brothers One €“ it would've gone by the awesome-sounding moniker of Double V Vega. The story would have had Vincent working for Marcellus Wallace in Amsterdam, and like the loving brother that he is, Vic travels out to visit him. The thought of having these two characters in the same movie was very exciting. The potential that Vic and Vincent had for development was huge, and I would have loved to see how each of their personalities would interact with each other. Tarantino would have had endless storytelling opportunities as he could have delved deeper and deeper into their past, introducing new characters and events in the backstories of two intriguing characters. Alas, it was not meant to be. As Tarantino regularly points out when asked, The Vega Brothers will unfortunately never happen due to the age of the actors. With the film never being made, Tarantino has missed an opportunity to show us how the two film worlds connect, as well as him expanding each of the characters universes. But what fans will miss the most, however, is simply a film by Quentin Tarantino not getting made.

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