8 Awful Video Game Movies That Got The Most Important Thing Right

Who says you can't polish a turd?

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For so long now, it seems like it's an impossible task to bring a video game franchise to live-action, cinematic life.

Many have tried, and an extreme few have achieved even a modicum of success.

For those that have reaped box office rewards, they've largely had to veer from their source material *cough* the Resident Evil film franchise *cough* and have usually turned off the initial fan base that made the property so popular in the first purpose.

Amongst the duds and the stinkers, however, there are those times when a video game movie threatens to completely redeem itself by nailing one special thing that strikes hard to the heart of what people loved from the gaming world.

It may not always be enough to save a picture, but at least it gives the die-hards something to hold on to as they do their damnedest to cling onto the hope that one day their favourite 16-bit adventures will be done justice on the silver screen.

Here, we're spotlighting eight video game-based movies. And full disclosure, none of these are even close to being great. The thing is, it's not about necessarily being a good movie - these films are here because they get that one fundamental, that one basic correct that properly ties them to the games that they are based upon.

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