8 Best College Campus Horror Movies You've Never Heard Of

Step aside Scream and Urban Legends, these college campus horror movies are taking the limelight.

American Mary
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One of the many well-loved settings for horror films, slashers in particular, is the college campus.

Not to be conflated with high-school or boarding school horrors, this niche has the specific appeal that comes with the newfound freedom and adulthood at college.

It seems that college students get into trouble wherever they are. Plenty of films see clueless young adults wondering into haunted houses, cannibal-ridden forests and abandoned asylums with reckless abandon. Even if they're smart enough to keep their heads down and stick to the books, the humble campus will not keep them safe.

Usually rife with parties gone wrong and figures hiding in the shadows of darkened lecture halls, the college campus gives a home to many of our most well-known slasher staples.

Aside from the big names like Scream 2 or Urban Legend, there are a wealth of lesser known campus horror movies that don't often see the light of day. Sometimes that's for the best, but in some cases it's a darn shame.

To save you from trawling through the hundreds of terrible films, we've put together this list of the best lesser known college campus horrors.

8. Kristy

American Mary
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After everyone on campus returns home for Thanksgiving, financially struggling student Justine finds herself alone, unable to afford a flight home. Despite her own troubles with money, when she encounters a girl in the local convenience store asking for a student discount, she offers to pay for her purchase.

Well, no good deed goes unpunished.

This simple gesture of kindness lands Justine in hot water as she becomes the latest target of a cybercult determined to kill ‘Kristys’: kind, pure women who are followers of God.

With the one security guard dead and her friends and family States away, Justine is truly alone. With the threat of death lingering over her and cultists around every corner, she has to outrun and outsmart them all to survive.

The idea of a cult chasing an innocent girl about is not a new one, but it is so popular because it works. We love the tension of a chase scene and rooting for the lone ranger, and if you’re up for something with a straight-forward premise and a pretty badass leading lady, then this is for you.


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