8 Best Donald Glover Roles

Donald Glover In The Mooorning!

Donald Glover Lando Calrissian

Donald Glover has come a long way since those early days writing for 30 Rock and starring in Community. Much like the mythical King Midas, everything Glover turns his hand to seems to become solid gold, in a metaphorical sense of course.

He can also count himself as one of but a few true renaissance men of the modern era. Not only does Glover have a huge music career under the alias Childish Gambino, but also an acting career that has produced some fine performances over the years - as well as being able to count himself as a stand-up comedian on the side.

There are so few people who have achieved everything he has, to the level at which he has achieved it, in such a short space of time. After all, it has been just 11 years since Community happened across our screens and we were introduced to our favourite meta-clich├ęd football quarterback, Troy Barnes.

Now, since we can only pick one of his careers to concentrate on, we have decided to stick with how most of us first came to know him. Namely the screen.

So, here in this list, we will rank Donald Glover's best performances on the screen, both large and small, in order of greatness.

8. The Martian - Rich Purnell

Donald Glover Lando Calrissian

Though Donald Glover only has a supporting role in Ridley Scott's The Martian, a film laden with Hollywood's finest, he still manages to take his chance and steal the scenes that he appears in.

As Rich Purnell, Glover is thrown in as an Aerodynamicist who works out that in order to best save Astronaut Mark Watney (Matt Damon) from Mars, they need to use the Earth's gravitational pull to fling the ship commanded by Jessica Chastain's Commander Lewis back toward Mars - in the process, saving millions of dollars in getting another crew together and blasting off from Earth, as well as saving Watney before his food and supplies can run out.

Glover managed to really bring some levity to the film, using his comedy chops to lighten the atmosphere (sorry...) and delivering a very convincing performance that actually managed to stand out, in a film full of standouts.

The scene in which he attends the second greatest Council of Elrond ever shown on film, where he explains his master plan to get Watney home, is brilliant and made all the more so by Glover's natural charm and humour.


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