8 Biggest Unconfirmed Rumours About 2020 Movies

Sounds like Black Mask fans are in for a bit of a shock.

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It's often understated just how beneficial media coverage can be when trying to make a successful film. More headlines can result in more interest, and because of this, the rumour mill is an important part of the pre-release hype window for any big movie.

Rumours give fans hopes and expectations about what they might see in the film, and though it can be a huge disappointment if those expectations aren't met, that initial excitement still increases the feeling of anticipation leading up to the movie.

2020 contains a bunch of projects that are in this exact position. With most of the year's major releases stuck in the early days of their marketing runs, we don't know much about them yet, and inevitably, that empty void of information has been filled by rumours, theories, and speculation, with a lot of stories emerging about the possible plots and characters that will feature in these movies.

While some of these rumours will definitely be false, others could easily turn out to be true, and would result in some very interesting flicks should that be the case...

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