8 Most Bogus Superpowers In Comic Book Movies

movie-nerd-captain-america-winter-soldier Have you ever sat down to watch a superhero movie, only to find yourself thinking about halfway through: "Wait, what's this guy's superpower supposed to be again?" It's at this point that a surreal realisation often sets in, of course: the "hero" in question has all the world-saving credentials of "just some guy." If the answer was yes, by the way, and you've often found yourself thinking such things, then you're in the right place. Join me as I take a look at a selection of the top dogs from the world of comic book movies, whose abilities don't stretch much further than them being able to run slightly faster, jump a bit further, or use a calculator somewhat more efficiently than your average schmuck. Can we really class these people as superheroes? Do they deserve to run alongside the true heroes? I'm not convinced, starting with the likes of...

8. Bruce Wayne - Superpower: Wealth

Bruce Wayne1 First up is millionaire playboy Bruce Wayne (if you haven't yet figured out Gotham's most obvious cover-up, he's Batman €“ shocking, I know) whose superpower is just that €“ his wallet. Nothing else. Not even improved eyesight or anything. He is literally just a random business man who can afford to wear armour all the time and - rather conveniently, if you ask me - doesn't get shot as often as he should. He gets away with it because - for some reason - all crime in the comic book world is based around choreographed bouts of organised martial arts instead of shady money exchange or weapon-use - people do have guns, but seem to be notoriously bad when it comes to aiming them. Think about it: instead of Bane shooting Batman in the face when the two of them are in his lair together, he decides to engage in an honourable man-on-man duel, whilst his henchman (who are heavily armed) just stand there and do nothing. I guess if Mark Zuckerberg learned karate, he could probably do the same thing.

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