8 Books That Need To Be Made Into Movies

Which books are crying out to made for the silver screen?


The number of films that existed as books before they hit our screens is staggering. From Jaws to Jurassic Park, The Shawshank Redemption to Harry Potter, The Godfather to The Ring, it seems as though every fan favourite, iconic classic and big blockbuster in cinema is based on a literary source.

Whilst the aforementioned films (and many more) have taken massive inspiration from bestselling novels, there are still plenty of other books out there that are just begging to make it to the screen. Be they exciting action-adventures, underrated horrors, twisted psychological thrillers or dramatic romances, many of these unadapted books have yet to really catch any filmmakers' eye, but would certainly make for a solid spectacle if someone gave them a shot.

The following list will have a look at eight such books, from teen mysteries, crime thrillers and coming of age dramas, all of them offering something fresh and endearing that would make them a cinematic success. Some would make small drama pieces; others are screaming for a franchise. Whatever the case, here are eight books that need to be made into movies.

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