8 Changes That Would Have Completely Fixed Batman Forever

8. Do Away With The Humor


I€™m not saying the movie has to be completely melodramatic. Nobody really wants that. Nolan€™s Dark Knight Trilogy, despite being darker than the original quadrilogy, still managed to squeeze in moments of levity. But they were more organic. You didn€™t have stupid puns and one-liners, but rather real exchanges that were peppered with a few chuckle-worthy lines. There were lots of scenes involving Michael Caine and Morgan Freeman interacting with Christian Bale when they manage to pull off some genuinely funny lines. Not laugh-out-loud screaming funny, but they bring a smile to your face. Batman Forever went too far. Instead of interactions that felt real, we were given painfully un-funny gags. Like Batman€™s one-liners about stopping for drive-thru, or how €œchicks dig the car,€ asking of Chase Meridian €œare you trying to get under my cape, Doctor?€ or quipping that she should go after firemen because there€™s less to take off. Or Dick Grayson taking the Batmobile to a street race and then telling everyone he€™s Batman and he just forgot his suit. All this needs to be completely excised from the script. This is too much levity and it brings the film away from its origins as a dark, serious, and respectful take on the Batman and pushes it into the realm of over-the-top absurdity.

Percival Constantine is the author of several novels and short stories, including the Vanguard superhero series, and regularly writes and comments on movies, comics, and other pop culture. More information can be found at his website, PercivalConstantine.com