8 Changes That Would Have Completely Fixed Batman Forever

2. Two-Face Is NOT The Joker


Tommy Lee Jones said he took the role of Two-Face because his son told him Two-Face was his favorite character. Although watching Jones€™ performance, it makes you wonder if his son€™s favorite character was actually the Joker and Jones was just confused. Because there is pretty much nothing about Two-Face present in Jones€™ performance. Instead, he comes off as a poor man€™s Joker, constantly laughing with the occasional throw-away line to luck and chance. One of the most maddening scenes with Jones (and there are many) is when he and the Riddler break into Wayne Manor. As Bruce Wayne is fighting off their men, Two-Face sits in a chair and keeps flipping his coin, getting disappointed whenever it lands on the good side. Instead of just accepting the outcome, he continues flipping until it comes up the way he wants! As anyone who knows Two-Face will tell you, that is absolutely not something the character would do. The coin is how his decisions are made, if it comes up on the good side, that€™s his decision. He doesn€™t keep trying until he gets the decision he really wants. Referring to himself as €œwe€ didn€™t help, and he and Carrey seemed to have made a bet to see who could act the most outrageous in the film without being told to turn it down a notch. So to fix Two-Face, I say go with the original choice of Billy Dee Williams. When Williams was cast to play Harvey Dent in Batman, his contract guaranteed that he€™d get to play Two-Face in a sequel. In fact, that was the entire reason he signed on to the movie in the first place. But because Schumacher wanted Jones, Warner Bros had to buy out Williams€™ contract. That turned out disastrously, so bring back Williams. I would love to see how he could tackle Two-Face.

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