8 Changes That Would Have Completely Fixed Batman Forever

1. Let Schumacher Make His Movie


I already know how pissed off this is going to make people. But the fact of the matter is Schumacher was in an extremely unenviable situation with Batman Forever. It doesn€™t matter what director was hired, they would have given us the same movie, or something much worse. Warner Bros was dead-set on making a more light-hearted movie and they would have made the same version of Batman Forever with or without Schumacher. They already proved with Burton that they weren€™t going to budge, they cut down Schumacher€™s final cut considerably, so why people continue to lay all the blame at Schumacher€™s feet is baffling. Schumacher can make good movies. He can make serious, dark films. Watch Falling Down or Tigerland. If Schumacher was given the freedom to make the Batman movie he wanted to make, it would have been a lot closer to the source material and would have been more pleasing to the fans. Of course, Schumacher€™s not perfect. It was his idea to put nipples on the costume and to give Dick Grayson an earring because it made him €œmore hip,€ plus all the neon. Those things would definitely need to be reined in. But as far as making a Batman movie that€™s dark without going too far into the surreal elements that Burton injected into Batman Returns, he€™s more than capable of it. So I say keep Schumacher, control him where it€™s necessary, like replacing Williams with Jones or throwing neon on everything, but let him go nuts if it will work for the movie. What do you think of these suggested changes to Batman Forever? Share your thoughts and reactions below in the comment thread.

Percival Constantine is the author of several novels and short stories, including the Vanguard superhero series, and regularly writes and comments on movies, comics, and other pop culture. More information can be found at his website, PercivalConstantine.com