8 Classic Movies Hated By Their Directors

Wait, Spielberg disowned an Indiana Jones movie that wasn't Kingdom Of The Crystal Skull?!

Temple Of Doom

While most fans buy into the myth a film is the sole vision of the director, the truth is it’s the result of a massive team effort. From the director, producers, writers, camera people and all the way down to the guy who grabs the coffee. It’s the director’s job to wrestle with all this chaos and make something true to his vision, but there are a million different ways this can go wrong.

Maybe the studio won’t give them the time or money to do things properly, or they clash with the cast or crew and their control of the movie slips away. This can result in a filmmaker growing to hate their own work, even if everyone else considers it a classic.

It’s important to remember they can’t view their work the way an audience does, and what seems like an inspired creative decision might have been a huge compromise in their eyes. Whatever the reasons, here’s a list of directors who hate their own masterpieces.


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