8 Comic Book Characters That Deserve Another Movie (And How To Do It)

If at first you don't succeed...

The world is hardly suffering from a lack of comic book movies right now; barely a month goes by without a new one being released or announced. This is a big change from twenty years ago, when if a comic book movie didn€™t have Superman or Batman in the title; it was probably going to flop. One of the big reasons early adaptations tended to stink is that they were made by people who didn€™t understand the medium. They took the title, the characters and cherry picked the elements they liked while forcing their own vision on it. This disrespectful approach often resulted in movies that satisfied nobody, while tainting the names of the comics they were based upon. Times change though, as now most comic book movies have talented writers and directors working on them, who both understand and respect what made the stories work in the first place. So in this Golden Era there€™s no better time than to revisit the mistakes of the past, and help put them right. There€™s a whole score of great characters who were badly treated the first time around, who deserve to be dusted off and given a fresh start. These characters €“ given the right approach and behind the scenes talent €“ still have a chance to become great movies. Here are a few ways they could go about it.

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