8 Coolest Winter Action Scenes In Movies

Because everything is much cooler in the snow.

Ah, Christmas time. A nice warm cosy fire, family gathering round the TV for yet another installment of Harry Potter, and the streets filled with a light, wintry snow. What? Oh right, there's no snow. Well, just imagine there is, then. It's important for setting the winter scene for this article. Okay, enough daydreaming: let's get to the point. Winter settings make for great action scenes in movies. Sure, there's all kinds of underwater lairs, or urban cityscapes, or even moon-bases - but no setting can rival a good old bit of snow. There's something about a mountain top ski-chase which gets the hairs on the back of your neck standing up. Equally a shoot-out in a blizzard makes for a truly exciting sequence. Cars skidding around on ice, clouds of snow dust being kicked up, and the unique white-washed landscape make for memorable film moments. So don't get too comfortable by that fireplace, or that office radiator, because you're about to be on the edge of your seat as I bring you the 8 Coolest Winter Action Scenes...

I like writing about films and hope you like reading about them too. And watching them, of course.