8 Crazy Pixar Fan Theories

7. Wall-E Destroyed Earth


Set 700 years in the future, Wall-E finds the titular robot all alone on what remains of Earth, the last remaining unit of his kind to clear away the garbage left by centuries of consumerism, until another robot is sent there and they fall in love, with incredibly heartwarming results. Naturally, then, this theory aims to ruin all of that. 

It goes that Wall-E isn't tragically the last of his kind, but rather that's by his own design. There were various trinkets that he wanted to keep, which the other units kept on destroying. So he decided to go his own way and destroy them in turn, cannibalising their parts. 

We do see Wall-E taking parts from other inactive units, which explains how he has lasted so long. This merely takes that and turns it incredibly dark. It also gives an explanation for there still being so much trash on Earth after 700 years, as he started destroying the others relatively early on. Not so heartwarming anymore, is it?


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