8 Crazy Pixar Fan Theories

6. Edna Mode Was Behind Syndrome's Death


Edna Mode, designer to the heroes, has one very clear rule: NO CAPES! This is due to the number of superheroes who have been killed due to having capes as part of their costume. 

She sticks to this rule when designing new outfits for the Incredibles, but does however add in a lot of new features that protect from the threats Syndrome will pose before he's even had a chance to pose them. Luck may favour the prepared, but what if this wasn't just good fortune?

The theory is that Syndrome, a person who idolised Mr Incredible, went to Edna to have her make him a costume. Although most of his gadgets are homemade, it is plausible that he'd still go to her for the outfit. This is how she knew what needed to be added to the new Incredibles' suits, as she recognised the threat he would pose as a supervillain. To further counter this, she added the one design element she never normally allows. 

Think about Syndrome's death. He gets sucked into the turbine of a jet, all because of... his cape. Edna Mode knew what she was doing all along, and breaking her 'no capes' policy helped save the world. 


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