8 Creepiest Horror Movie Monsters In Disguise

The creatures hiding where you least expect it.

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As Scooby Doo has long taught us, horror hides where you least expect it. Something that appears insurmountably terrifying on the surface isn't always that way on the inside, and just as a monstrous get up might simply be a pathetic human in an elaborate costume, sometimes the everyday is hiding a much darker secret.

Aliens, demons, monsters beyond our comprehension - all of them can whack on a simple skin suit and blend in where you'd least expect to find them, infiltrating characters' lives to hop out and wreak all sorts of havoc. Taking the mask off and revealing what terrors are lurking underneath only makes their scare power that much more potent.

So let's take a look at the creatures that don't make their presence known until the moment calls for it, for the socially anxious beasts that prefer a wholly more human look, and the monsters that keep their potential carefully under wraps with a well-crafted cover-up. These bad guys prove you should never judge a book by its cover...

8. Marybeth - The Faculty

Miramax Films

Steeped in that special brand of 90s horror goodness, The Faculty is the perfect combination of corny horror, noticeable special effects, and young Elijah Wood - effectively the holy trinity of horror. Telling the tale of a group of students that start to suspect their teachers have been infected by alien parasites, Wood and his pals come together to uncover a plot put in motion by an extraterrestrial queen bee. Kill that bad mother sucker, and the alien threat will be eliminated.

That's not as easy as it sounds, however, as their alien target has learned to disguise themselves over the course of this invasion. Anyone could be a skin suit hiding all manner of betentacled terrors!

In the end, it turns out that sweet new student Marybeth is packing the monstrous goods, and oh, what monstrous goods they are. A gigantic, fleshy, tendril-armed creature bursts forth from her soft-spoken shell, throwing Southern hospitality out for a healthy dose of intergalactic hostility instead. Marybeth is a somewhat cliche disguise considering quite how nice she's reinforced to be, but the creepy creature lurking underneath absolutely deserves its dues.

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