8 Dead Movie Characters Who Could Actually Return Soon

Movie returns for the MCU, Star Trek, Avatar and Scream!


The sheer possibilities offered up by the medium of film means that nothing can ever be truly ruled out.

Over the decades, we've seen characters die, we've seen franchises 'end', and we've seen intended standalone pieces become multi-movie affairs. Regardless of the intentions at the time, what we've seen play out on the silver screen is not always finite.

To quote a crazed sports entertainment maniac, plans change, pal. As such, we can't always believe that what we've just invested two hours in isn't going to be majorly changed-up at some point in the future.

In particular, there are so many great cinematic characters who we all thought we'd seen take their final breaths.

Those heartbreaking, poignant demises or the more gnarly, bloody deaths have hit hard over the years, particularly when it comes to those characters who so many have become emotionally invested in.

Instead, the reality of the situation is that some of these believed-dead characters could well soon be making a surprise return that few ever imagined would possibly happen.

Here, then, are eight such much characters who look set to return from their supposed graves at some point in the future.

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