8 Directors Who Got Fired From Famous Movies For Insane Reasons

7. Alex Cox Got Fired For Wanting To Include Animation - Fear & Loathing In Las Vegas

Alex CoxFear & Loathing In Las Vegas looks to be a movie perfectly suited to the mind of one Terry Gilliam (whose mind makes about as much sense as a frog doing a handstand in an upside-down sock), but he wasn't originally hired to direct the movie as most movie-goers might've thought: Alex Cox, best known for works like Repo Man and Sid & Nancy, was first on the scene to adapt Hunter S. Thompson's surreal gonzo novel about the highs and lows of doing a f*ck ton of drugs. But Cox didn't see eye to eye with anybody involved when production started, and kept suggesting that animated scenes were included in the movie. Nobody wanted that, and he was fired as a result. Terry Gilliam would later call Cox's original script "sh*it," a sentiment that Johnny Depp would echo.
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