8 Directors Who Really Should Have Retired After One Movie

url-13 Making movies is tough, given that success stems from constantly managing hundreds of people, staying creative and enthusiastic for months on end, and fighting off clueless producers who want to spoil your idea. Turning in an awesome debut feature, then, when you're new to all this, might be considered to be something of a miracle. It's also often the best way to eventually alienate your fanbase, given that - should you make something of lesser quality next time 'round - they're likely to spread hate about how you've "gone downhill" all over the internet. There's nothing wrong with creating a somewhat lesser second or third movie, though, especially if it's still good - we should appreciate all movies that aren't mediocre. That said, there are some filmmakers who haven't made a single movie of worth since they made their awesome first flicks (or those flicks we all think were their first movies, anyway). On and on they plough, producing mis-fire after mis-fire, slowly convincing us that they might not have actually been that talented in the first place. But there is such a thing as going out with dignity. For these 10 directors - who really should have retired after one movie - it's far too late. Future filmmaking wunderkinds, take note...
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